Monday, March 22, 2010

Returning to Mt. Zion

Twenty years ago my family and I vacationed in Kissimmee, Florida.  On the Sabbath we attended a small church in town that met in an unremarkable building but was filled with extraordinary people.  One of the things I remember was that they had the potluck catered by a church members.  We had a blessed Sabbath but never thought we'd be back again. Little did we know.

We returned to Mt. Zion Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sabbath, March 20.  We would've missed the church if not for the sign (a new one since 20 years ago).  The church we worshiped in was still there but the congregation was gathered in a beautiful multi-purpose facility.  Instead of about 75 people in church there were three-times that number. What happened?

I noticed some things:  They are using media in their service like few congregations I have seen.  All the announcements are locally produced video-shorts with members doing it all. What a great idea.  And, most importantly, they involve the youth and young adults in the church at every step.  In addition, they are active in community service in the city.  No wonder they have grown.  They're doing what Jesus asks us to do:  "GO!"

A special surprise was the speaker of the hour--our friend from the Southeastern California Conference, Dr. Emil Peeler.  (You can get a taste of Dr. Peeler's preaching at  We were blessed by a spirit-filled message, uplifting music, and wonderful fellowship.  As we departed our prayer was that another 20 years would not need to pass before we would meet again in the New Earth.

God is at work in Kissimmee, FL through the Mt. Zion Church.  Check them out on the web at,

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