Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catching Sparks!

The Sabbath dawns bright and beautiful today in Spark, NV as the Northern Nevada Youth Federation gathers to worship and praise the Lord. The Sparks Amphitheater is the setting for singing by "United in Christ"--a talented group of local young people who's rendition of "The Midnight Cry" carries well beyond the confines of the pavilion into the streets of Sparks.

Young (and young at heart) are challenged by the speaker of the hour, Elder Philip Baptiste, pastor in the Rocky Mountain Conference, as he leads the assembled congregation through the question, "Who are you?" I am impressed as Pastor Baptiste takes us through the list: "I am a Man, a Christian Man, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Man, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Man who is Changed!" It was a message that stays with you beyond the worship hour. The altar call at the close yielded about a dozen precious souls who will be preparing for baptism!

Jennifer and I enjoyed seeing our friends from the area, showing wedding pictures to those who asked, and being encouraged by the talent and commitment of the people who sang, praised God, and proclaimed the Gospel in such a public venue this Sabbath day.