Wednesday, November 17, 2010

West Point 2010--It's a Good Thing

It's been almost 11 months since I began the planning for West Point  2010 which goes from December 5-8 at the Agoura Hills Renaissance Hotel.

Now  that it is drawing nearer I'm reflecting upon the possibilities that can come for everyone--including myself--who will attend.

First, there has been much prayer that has attended the planning process.  I believe that this has resulted in the combining of the talents of diverse people into the ad hoc faculty that will make up our West Point 2010 workshop presenters and plenary speakers.  (If you want to check out the program in detail check out our link at: West Point 2010.)

Second, the venue at which we will deploy this experience is ideally suited to our mission.  Tucked up against the Malibu hills, the  Agoura Hills Renaissance Hotel is a quiet setting in a metropolitan location.  We have lots of room to spread out for seminars, prayer time, worship, and exhibits.  The staff has been preparing for us to arrive and are excited that we are using their facilitiy.

Third, I'm really grateful for the ministry partners that want to be a part of West Point.  The Pacific Union Conference, The Voice of Prophecy,AdventSource, Amazing Facts, Andrews University Press, Faith for Today, It Is Written, and The Quiet Hour are providing financial support, personnel, and exhibit booths.  And, each of them are sponsoring the two luncheons that will be provided on Monday and Tuesday.

Fourth, I've had wonderful partners in the planning and execution of the West Point 2010 plan. There is no large staff or committee that is making West Point 2010 a reality.  My assistant, Vivienne, has worked hard on emails, program production, and logistical support that is awesome.  My wife, Jennifer, has been my constant partner in every aspect of the planning and execution of this event.  I couldn't do any of this without her!  We've done an amazing preparation for a great program with a minimal "staff."  So, this has really been a "God-thing" to put this size of program together.

My objective for West Point 2010 has been to start a process of pastoral support, inspiration, and instruction for our Pacific Union.  This is just a start and it will continue to evolve into the most meaningful kind of event that will meet the needs of pastors and motivated lay members.

I'll let you know how it all goes.  For now, say a prayer for every one who comes out December 5-8.  See you there.